Religion is defined as being any specific system of belief. Too often religion is limited to Christianity, Judiasm, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, These are certainly not the only religions in the world.. Atheisim is a religion, having as its main tenant the belief there is no God. The atheist is just as passionate in his belief as the theists is in his. Because God, as revealed in the Scriptures, cannot be seen, heard, or touched, the atheist does not believe that He exists.

Socialism is just as much a religion as any of the aforementioned, for its system of belief is that the ownership and of operation of the means of production and distribution belongs to the society or community rather than to private individuals. Liberalism is another religion whose belief-system is that government has the right to take what some earn and redistribute it to others through taxation. Going Green is a new religion whose belief is that by limiting carbon emissions, mankind can save planet earth and all life subsisting on it.

This new religion arises out of another religion called evolution which believes that the earth and all therein happened by chance rather than being created by an all-powerful Creator. Thus, only man can save the earth because if there is a God, He is too removed from planet earth to be involved in its preservation. Those who believe in Green deny theirs is a religion, claiming it is based on science, a premise many reputable scientists deny. These Greenists believe there are too many people for the earth to sustain them. Therefore, abortion and euthanasia are legitimate means to the end of lowering the earth's population. It is interesting that the propenants of this religion expect other lives to be terminated to reach their goals but are not willing to make the same sacrifice themselves.

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