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Bill Willingham

 Song Leader

When God saved me at an early age, I had already developed an interest and love for music.  The problem was, that for some years in my early life, I enjoyed and pursued music vainly.  But I can remember even then, having a desire to lead hymns in the church.  But that didn’t happen until my family and I came to Bethel Baptist Church over forty years ago, when I just volunteered to do that which was lacking. I have helped in this capacity except for short times ever since.  I love to sing the old hymns, not just because they are just “old” but because they are meaty, they are based on the word of God, and they lift the spirit and feed the soul. Because we do not take just part of the word of God, but take and use it all for our benefit, so we sing the whole song book.  We are very blessed to have a people who love to sing and praise God with their voices.  It is not hard to lead hymns, with folks like that!  What a heavenly view of eternity, when all of God’s singers get home, and gather round the throne of God to sing the great hymns of Zion.

With joy of heart,
Bill Willingham


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